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May 22
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puppy ren by Muurin puppy ren by Muurin
i promised i will draw dmmd fanart so yeah done!
i have been experiencing so many  stuff specially  emotionally but at last i have manage to draw something after all of the things that disturbing my mind and heart.
i almost forgot that only drawing make me feel good. OTL

Ren (C) nitro+chiral, honya lala
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smilyimp Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
Awwww, this is adorable~ :giggle:
I want one puppy like this, hahahaha ;P 
EternityCheck Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so cute!
Yuom Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I ship aoba and ren after I watch and play the dramatical murder game.
It was hard to ship aoba to whom.
I can't believe it was yaoi/gay manga.
i never knew they exist!Ene (Fangirling) [V10] 
Muurin Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hurrr yeah non-player yaoi fans were surprised when they found out its actually a yaoi game haha poor anime fanboys some of them have no idea its yaoi and they were expecting an action packed tournament in the end, some discovered the gay vibe lol
yes same i ship aoba with everyone but aoba with ren is my top 1
Yuom Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i thought it wasn't yaoi.
My guts had a bad feeling that this game will have sexual with sounds.
 Fanboys had been deceived and trolled.
I was frustrating who's going to be shipped with Aoba in my top 1. Clear or Ren?
I feel sad for Clear. 
Then the most depressing part of Ren. He got to be my top 1 yaoi couple.
I cried for both of them.
 Big Fool Emoji-25 (What the) [V4] AMGONG! This is my first time to be a perverted Yaoi person.
who the heck am i?!?! Komari Kamikita (Rejected) [V5] 
Muurin Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh! is this your first time to a yaoi gamer or not? haha
if you want to try out other bl games.. same company who made dramatical murder
you can download it here::

hadaka shitsuji(not from nitro+chiral) and sweet pool are very scary and hardcore so warning lololol XD

im really fine of shipping him with others, but the true route is a route so that means his real lover is ren
Yuom Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
yes, this is my first time. i would love to try out playing BL games.
I was quite surprised and shocked about it and never notice they're doing a gay/yaoi sequel.
The one anime show called "sukisho" i thought Fujimori Sunao was girl. I'm just okay she's in a academy.
so later she tried to make out with him. Then the special episode where they are at hot spring.
I'm asking myself "Why is Sunao taking a hot bath with the guys? Do Japan let women and men take a bath together? Japan is weird." Then after i read their manga. I get it, I get it now. This was supposed to be a gay/yaoi manga/comic. I see the truth, you can be gay, lesbian and bisexual and everything you wanted to be.

I will not be one of those fangirls squeals about those. Hmm~ sounds interesting i will try playing it.
Hardcore and scary? I wonder if it's epic. wellnotthesexualcontentwithnoiseohgongmyheartjustburstintobloodyrainifithappensagain.

Anyway, I wonder what will Dramatical Murder turns out.
Will it be the true route? We will never know.
I tried to find Dramatical Murder manga, but it leads me to yaoi/gay porn manga.
Muurin Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my first yaoi was all started from traps or gay crossdressers
okane ga nai was my first yaoi then sukisho..
i really thought the main character ayase is a girl.. i was attracted because the art was all sparkly and girly, having no ideas that its a boy and a gay manga
when i first saw sunao, i already know he is a dude hahah kinda used to it when i lose my brain virginity on okaneganai.

ididnt able to finish hadaka shitsuji, the gay smex is so intense *faints* thats why its scary but at the same time it made me lol so hard..i dunno maybe may yandere senses are tingling again
sweet pool- if you hate blood and strange meaty things dont play it plus THERES NO GOOD ENDING HAHHAHA

they said the anime version will not follow all the routes. yes same it always lead me to dmmd doujinshis
Yuom Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh that show, I thought that too until this year i notice something was wrong. Now we know how men feel when they get horny these days.

Oh no why hadaka shitsuji?!? with the bloody and scary OH MY FLOP I MUST WATCH IT.

Oh i see, so they tried to make it different. I was wondering if they didnt put any sexual censored or uncensored like junjou romantica which i am watching now. Also I can't even find dmmd main manga but i only found these hentai manga. My reaction "Ok so this is the main manga." 3 hour later after the realization. "Holy Flop! Where is the main story? I dont understand them!!! Why is there so much Yaoi?!!!"

I asked my older brother about Fangirls for Yaoi. I didnt understand Fangirls very much till today. I'm not a fangirl for yaoi or any kind. I reacted surprise and didnt understand and also not hard like men who drools over sexuality and masturbates.

How to be Non-FanGirl For Yaoi
Step 1) What's something new [Yaoi]

Step 2) Dumbfounded

Step 3) Shocking/Surprise without blushing after realization (for me 3 hours or another day to figure it out)

Step 4) Straightforward and learned something new.

Step 5) Think of how the story is really about without thinking dirty

I like Yaoi now.
Muurin Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
its not bad to be flexible. i met alot of people who are not yaoi fans but they are open minded
i like yaoi but im not the type who masturbates to it.. Im just looking for something refreshing than watching the usual romantic shoujo and action packed shounen that i usually watch

 if you dig deeper you will find the scary ones sooooooo warning

like that creepy yaoi personal art site amg!! there are comic pages there that talks about rape and murder
it actually burned inside my mind until now.

the story goes like this: there was a school boy then a man kidnapped him because he looks like his ex girlfriend. he raped him.. cut off his arms and legs.. and penis.. then he kidnapped another one.. this time its a girl. he cut off the girl's boobs and stick it on the boy's chest.

i---i was soo shocked.. i wonder what kind of artist drew something like that.
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